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What we are looking for…

Independent.ae is seeking fact-based analysis of news and current affairs on the topics of the UAE, World, Politics, Sport, Lifestyle, and Business. We also publish original opinion pieces, reviews, reader’s views, pictures, cartoons, and videos.

If this is your first submission, we advise you to include a short bio about yourself. This can include your location, academic background, previous work and with whom you are professionally affiliated. If we decide to go ahead and publish your article, you will be given an author page with full contributor credit, and links to your website and social media accounts.

Before you submit an article, make sure you…

include your full name, email, website
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include a short bio and profile picture for your ‘author page’
include all references and sources in your article
attach all images that you want us to use for your contribution
write an appropriate and relevant headline
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Submitting your article…
If you think you have an interesting article for our audience and you are ready to submit your content, send an email to submissions@independent.ae with ‘FOR PUBLICATION‘ or ‘SUBMISSION‘ in the e-mail subject box.

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