British serial child rapist arrested in UAE

The British ambassador to the UAE has thanked the country’s authorities for their support after a serial child rapist from the UK was extradited to Britain and jailed last month.

In 2015, Muhammed Avais fled to the UAE using a fake passport while on bail awaiting trial for 19 child sex offences, including rape and sexual assault.

He has been sentenced 20 years in prison after he was extradited in February.

Pictures: Mohammed Avais (Image Credit: Supplied)
Avais was convicted in his absence of all offences and sentenced to 19 years in prison. He received an extra year for trying to evade justice.

“We are very grateful for the assistance and professionalism of the Dubai and Abu Dhabi police forces,” said Philip Parham, the UK’s ambassador.

“Judge Fletcher, who presided over the case, also expressed his appreciation for the support of the UAE authorities and their excellent cooperation with our National Crime Agency.”

A UK National Crime Agency officer based in the UAE contacted Dubai Police after discovering that Avais was living in the Middle East. Avais had previously posted pictures of himself

Avais had previously posted pictures of himself on social media, where he was seen posing in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Dubai Police tracked him to an address in Sharjah before Abu Dhabi Police arranged for his arrest and extradition.